Those little free libraries


Do you love books? If you answer, yes, then I know that you would appreciate the little free libraries that are carefully placed close to sidewalks in many cities where you live or where you visit. I just learned that there is indeed a Little Free Library Organization and although I am uncertain of its origin, I accept the comment by Danny Lewis writing on the website, All the little free libraries seem to have as their mantra “take a book, leave a book,” and I like that, because this concept allows the reader to contribute without having to construct his/her own library.

If you are interested in contributing to this community of readers and lovers of books, you may want to set up your own little free library, providing you do your research and determine that this is something that would be acceptable for you to do in your neighborhood. Visit the website at and learn how to start.

Danny Lewis writing, ‘Build Your Own Library at the First-Ever Little Library Festival’ on stated that, ‘The Little Free Library organization began when a resident of Hudson, Wisconsin, named Todd Bol built a little model of a one-room schoolhouse, filled it with books, and installed it in his front yard as a tribute to his late mother in 2009.’ (See link below).

The following are some benefits of little free libraries.

  1. As a reader, you are able to contribute in this ‘community book exchange’ without paying a joining fee.
  2. Little free libraries bring neighbors together around a similar interest – reading. You may even successfully strike up a conversation with a stranger.
  3. Little free libraries come in many shapes and sizes, thus allowing the owners or ‘stewards’ to be creative.
  4. Children are encouraged to read and contribute books from their collections, thus enhancing their reading, communication and comprehension skills.

I am enjoying these libraries. Whenever I am uncertain that I may pass that place another time, I stop, browse, and read a few chapters, without borrowing a book. One thing I am sure about, and it is, whenever I am planning a trip, I will pack a few books so that I may contribute to the stock of books in these free libraries. My dear reader, I invite you to do the same.

Talk soon…..Claire Spence
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